USB IDE/SATAII converter + How to make your USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge Hard Disk visible in Windows

I bought this USB IDE&SATA converter cable (€20) , much handier than these cases for carrying around hard disks.

#1 The first disk I tried to hook up was previously in my Synology NAS (WD 3.5” 2TB disk) and was not showing up, so:

  • click start
  • rightclick computer
  • click manage
  • click storage > disk manager on the left
  • remove the volumes from the disk
  • create a new volume (did NTFS) and assign a drive letter

And voila my first 2TB disk to carry around.

I also thought to use it with some older 2.5” disks that I had laying around since ages since i was curious what was on it:

#2 was a 2.5” MP0804H, meaning an ATA-100 disk , I first thought it would not fit however, then I found an additional cable topic and I found the same silly thing: there is an additional cover you can screw off (6 firm screws!) and underneath is the IDE interface. However… when I connected this one, the 2 lights went out on the device and no matter what, could not get this one working. (you don’t need to connect the 2×2 power pins only the main IDE interface). Although I did not get it working, it did became incredibly hot in a few seconds. I wonder what it means if the two lights go off (PWR and ACTIVE) Maybe the adapter can not feed it enough power.

#3 was a 2.5” HDD2170, meaning ATA2,3,4,5 … , this one had to go also in front (2,5 IDE) , it was recognized immediately was from a very old laptop (2005), funny to find some really old stuff on there, deleted the stuff via disk manager and voila another 40GB … Glimlach

#4 was a 3.5” 500GB WD disk that previously was in the Synology, same mechanism as under #1 and voila another 500GB to carry around

#5 was a 3.5”500GB WD Disk that previously broke in my NAS, I thought: let’s really test it but other than hearing “click click click” nothing happened: so now I now I can really throw that one away

Handy cable! So now have 2TB+500GB+40GB for e.g. backups which in other cases would just be lying around. Let’s see if I have some other disks laying around to increase the space.

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